Dolphin Mobile Website

Mobile website design for Dolphin Browser. For this project I created wireframes, designs, copy and managed development support.

Dolphin Browser, a mobile browser company on Android and iOS, did not have a well-functioning mobile site.

I designed a simple mobile site that addressed the two different types of visitors and their main objectives.

> USER 1: Dolphin Fan
A user already familiar the app, has a clear goal in mind. For this behavior I created a clear drop down menu from the top navigation bar which is accessible from any slide. This allows for maximum 2 clicks between initial entrance and product information. The site is coded to register the phone user agent so as to only display support and features for that device type.

> USER 2: Soon-to-be Dolphin Fan
For an person that wants to learn about Dolphin Browser I created four slides about the product and very clear call to action button. Three of the four slides discusses a key feature of the product and the final slide ends on the Dolphin viral video. The circles give the viewer a sense of place direction in the slides and all details are done in the Dolphin green to keep with brand consistency.

In order to find the two main user types I discussed main objectives with client and researched behavior in Google Analytics and with user feedback. The company's number one objective is to drive downloads so I made the one the call to action very visible without having to scroll. For returning fans, I first looked to the Google Analytics to see what people were visiting the most on their mobile devices. I also posed questions to the Dolphin Facebook and Twitter community.