What’s Good: Mobile Food App

What’sGood’s current design has a lot of information but no directional flow leaving the user confused. Additionally the main use case and value proposition is unclear amidst numerous features. Finally, there is no aesthetic cohesiveness which leaves the user with a confused and unsettled brand image.

Established trust in the What’sGood brand by making the product fun and easy to navigate with a clear and consistent aesthetic.

Enabled Users to:
Understand What’sGood’s value proposition
Intuitively understand the product through its visual simplicity
Naturally Incorporate application into their lives with “social stickiness”

Work Overview:
UX: Sitemap
UX: Wireframes
UX: Usability Testing research with 5 people
UX: Usability findings report
Graphic: Style Guide
UI: 34 screens and modal windows in total. 9 main screens.